Costume Contest with The Big Bang Theory

“The Middle Earth Paradigm” from Season 1 of The Big Bang Theory aired Monday 9/26. 
In the episode, the gang attends a costume party in Penny’s apartment.  Penny dresses as a cat, Sheldon dresses as the doppler effect, Leonard is Frodo from Lord of the Rings, Howard is Robin Hood but gets mistaken for Peter Pan and Raj is Thor, the Norse god of thunder.
Costumes are fun because you can be anyone/anything you desire. A costume can amplify who you are at the core or what you secretly long to be. I like clever costumes so I think Sheldon would have been my pick for best costume. Raj, the quietest member of the group, chooses to be Thor, the Norse god of thunder which exposes that he desires to be heard whereas Howard is Robin Hood but is mistaken for Peter Pan which reiterates that he is often misunderstood. And Penny dresses up as a cat because it’s safe and fits in. Sheldon’s costume mirrors his smart-alec quirky nature. And Leonard’s costume of Frodo not only highlights the fact he is the shortest member of the bunch but also the unsolicited leader of the group.
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