HINT Water Review

The average person needs 1.9 (8 glasses) of water a day. However, pregnant women need 2.3 liters (10 glasses) of water a day and breastfeeding moms need 3.1 liters (13 glasses) of water a day. That’s a lot of water. With the crazy heat we’ve had this summer I’m sure I haven’t been drinking nearly enough water to meet my daily 13 glass quota. 

One of the hardest parts about drinking enough water is the taste, or rather the lack of taste. I appreciate an icy glass of water after strenuous activity or being in the hot day but just for my day-to-day consumption it just doesn’t have that appeal. Now I don’t drink sodas or really that much juice but I do like a little flavor added.

HINT water offers just a “hint” of flavor to pure water. There is no juice or sugar added. It’s just pure water with the essence of flavor. It’s pretty good too. I really like the blackberry flavor. I found that I was much more willing to drink an entire bottle of HINT water over a regular bottle of water. I really like that there isn’t a strong flavor just a small pleasant taste that lingers after you have finished.
HINT water is available at various retailers across the US including Whole Foods and Starbucks.
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