Baked Ziti

We love Italian Food. In fact every time Joe’s family comes to visit we must go out to eat Italian at least once. Other times, I usually cook something Italian for dinner at least weekly. One of our family’s favorite dishes is baked Ziti. It’s so simple to make yet so delicious. I also love that you can make a big batch, freeze it and then enjoy it later.
My Baked Ziti Recipe
It’s so simple you probably don’t even need to read the recipe. But what really makes it awesome is the use of a Vodka Sauce. It’s basically my all time favorite kind of pasta sauce.
1 Box Ziti
1lb Ground Beef
1 Jar Vodka Sauce
2 cups Bread Crumbs
1 bag Shredded Mozzerella
A Few Dabs of Butter
Preheat Oven to 350 degrees
Cook Pasta according to directions on the box and drain
Brown Ground Beef
Combine Browned Ground Beef, Cooked Pasta and Sauce in a baking dish
Top with Breadcrumbs and Mozzerella 
Spread a few dabs of butter on the top 
Bake in Oven for 25 minutes (or until cheese is melted and brown
I typically make two small batches so I can freeze one and we can eat the other for dinner. However, if you have a bigger family than mine you’ll probably eat the whole thing. Also, it makes for a great lunch to day after.

In addition to making a great, quick and easy dinner I like to make my Baked Ziti to give to families that have just had a baby or are going through a rough time. I usually pair it with a salad and some garlic bread… oh and some sweet tea! It’s the ultimate comfort food.


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