Bouchon: French Street Food in Asheville, NC


While in Asheville for Type-A we were able to get out and eat some of the yummy local fares. During the day while I was in sessions Joe and Jude went hunting for the best places. One of Joe’s favorite places was the French Street Food at Bouchon. Bouchon is a fabulous French Restaurant at night but by day they offer simple yet delicious French street food, like crepes! Yummy, delicious crepes!

We ate crepes until we almost exploded. All three of us had the Paris Sidewalk (ham and swiss), Pommes Frites (fries), and Orangina for lunch. Then we all split a fabulous Nutella dessert crepe. 

The weather was cool and cloudy as we sat in the tiny courtyard. We watched people walk by and Jude greeted them all with an enthusiastic hello. Then we headed home. 🙁

We will definitely be visiting Bouchon next time we are in Asheville.


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