Reviews Revisited plus Winner Testimonials

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to review some great product here at The B Keeps Us Honest. I’d like to take a little time to revisit a few of the reviews and giveaways I’ve done. We’ll talk to the giveaway winners to see if they love the product as much as I do and to see if the products are still great after a few months.

Review – Boy Store
My thoughts: As part of the 2nd Birthday Bash the Boy Store let me choose a few things for Jude. We got an adorable shirt which I still love and Jude wears about once a week. We also got a pair of shorts which while they were size 2 they were a bit big, however he’ll grow into them… he just has a tiny butt.
The winner’s thoughts: The winner was Josefine from Morristown, NJ she won a $25 Gift Card to the Boy Store. Her thoughts, “I have a nephew who is about to turn 3, so I was able to order him some very cute designer socks!”
Connect with Josefine:

Review – Kidorable
My Thoughts: While we haven’t used the rain coat and boots much, mainly because it’s so hot and hasnt’ rained much here this summer, Jude LOVES this outfit. He wears it around the house for dress up.
Winner’s Thoughts: The winner was Deborah from Wayland, MI way of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. “I won the Kidorable umbrella from you.  Which, did arrive last week!  Thank you.  My nephew is thrilled with it and is excited to take it with him to his first day of school.  He starts kindergarten this Fall.”
Connect with Deborah: Homemaker Honey
Twitter:  Homemaker_Honey
Review – Daizy Daze
My thoughts: I do love the idea of this product and have used it a few times, however I have the smallest kitchen in the world with the tinest counter space so I don’t leave it out which results in not using it as much as I would like. My hope is that one day I will have a grand glorious kitchen where the recipe holder will live and show off it’s beauty to all.
Winner’s Thoughts: The winner was Shar from Noblesville, Indiana.
“My Daisy Daze product is so cute! The prize arrived very quickly too! I would not change a thing about the product as it is creative, fun and unique.  It would be a fun gift for someone too.
Connect with Shar: Twitter account at hjkllkjh 
Double Review: FuzziBunz and Crazy Dog T-shirt:
My thought on FuzziBunz: I was super excited to get this diaper, I’ve heard great things about FuzziBunz but to be honest I was a little disappointed. It is a great diaper and one of my favorites but the snaps are a little difficult to stay together and the insert is too short. 
My thoughts on Crazy Dog T-shirt: We love Crazy Dog. My husband has 4 shirts from Crazy Dog, I bought him a few for Christmas. He loves witty, pop culture reference t-shirts so Crazy Dog T-shirts are perfect for him.

Winner’s thoughts on both: Vanessa won twice. “I won a shirt from Crazy Dog and a Fuzzi Bunz diaper. I let my husband choose a shirt and he LOVES it. The diaper gets used a few times a week and it was a great addition to our stash.”
Connect with Vanessa: 

Review – Paulina Carcach
My Thoughts: I was super excited to win this bag but I don’t use it much. I like the idea of being trendy but most often I use my diaper bag as a purse. I know, it’s sad. Looking back I wish I would have choose a bag that works a little better with my lifestyle. I like the look of this bag it’s just hard to give up my diaper bag. 
Winner’s Thoughts: The winner was Helena. “I wanted to e-mail you anyway!  I just barely received my bag from Paulina Carcach.  It took awhile for me to get it, but it is absolutely gorgeous!  I had to e-mail the company twice to get the ball rolling.  Finally it came and it’s everything I hoped it would be.  Thanks so much for letting me win this great bag.  I hope that I will be able to enter more of your giveaways.”  
Connect with Helena: A Gal Needs at Least Two Blogs
My Thought: Jude still loves this bubble machine soo much, so much that we have to hide it or all he wants to do is bubbles. I haven’t had any issues with the batteries or power but I do wish there was a way to easily close or drain the soap reservoir.
Winner’s Thoughts: The winner was Kimberly from Irving, TX. “I don’t know yet how it meets my expectations because I’m giving it to my granddaughter for her birthday next month.  I’ve read reviews that say that the battery compartment gets wet really easily and causes the machine to stop working.  I’m hoping that we won’t have that problem since I know up front that it is an issue and we can keep an eye on it.  I think she’s going to love it!”

If you’ve ever won a giveaway here at The B Keeps Us Honest, email me. I’d love to hear how you like your prize.


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