High Drama 2 – Defining Roles

In high school, I participate in several extracurricular activities. All of them were wonderful fun and helped shape who I am today. But in particular, I think my favorite would be the Yearbook. It started as a fun outlet for my creativity and organizational skill and eventually, I was the editor of the Yearbook. Being the editor of the yearbook taught me so much about the way that I lead and learn. 

I never realized that one extra class in high school would direct the rest of my career path. I ultimately chose to attend a college based on the fact that I wanted to be a magazine editor. During college, I change direction a bit and moved into a new media, Television. After college, I continued in television with a bit of print design on the side and now as a stay-at-home mom all of the basic principles I learned from Yearbook helped me create this blog. 

I really like watching the crew members in High Drama 2 because I can totally relate to their dedication and craftsmanship. I’m sure several of those kids will go on to use many of the skills they learned from this production in their careers. Watch the newest episodes of “High Drama 2” on TheWB.com.

“High Drama 2” is an original web series, view it now on TheWB.com.


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