Hello blog friends! I wanted to let you know of a few minor but important changes that will be occurring here at The B Keeps Us Honest.

  • I will no longer be posting giveaway winners in a post. I will simply email the winner directly (to the email address left in your comment). So it’s important that the email address you leave is one that you check regularly, you may also want to check your spam folder occasionally and I often encounter real emails that get filtered into my spam folder. If you would like to know who won any giveaway simply email me and I will let gladly share the winners with you. 
  • Other than the regularly scheduled “Blogger of the Week” posts on the weekend I don’t plan on posting many reviews over the weekend. This allows both myself and you as a reader to have family time. 
  • In addition to my reviews and giveaways I really hope to post more about “life”.  So feel free to leave comments on non-giveaway posts. I’m planning on adding a lot of recipes, out-n-about, and cute toddler posts.  
That’s all the new stuff happening around here. Thank you all so very much for following, commenting and making The B Keeps Us Honest the blog it has come to be. Please feel free to share any advice or ways I can improve this blog. It’s a constant work in progress and I’m always learning new things about blogging. So bear with me.

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