One eskimO in Concert – Raleigh, NC

Saturday, Joe and I had the pleasure of attending Band Together, an annual fund raising event for local charities. This year they raised over 350K for Step Up Ministries, an interfaith nonprofit organization that teaches low-income and homeless people to find jobs and learn life skills to lead self-sufficient lives. Five great bands performed at the 2010 Band Together event one of whom was One eskimO
We made our way to downtown Raleigh in the pouring rain assuming that the NC weather would eventually cooperate. After waiting in the parking deck with hundreds of other event goers the rain let up just in time for One eskmO’s slotted performance time. Slowly people began to migrate out of their hiding places and flocked toward the stage. What looked to be a dim outcome turned out to be a great show. The night was perfect and so was the music.

I thought their set was great. Anyone will agree that these are a wonderfully talented group of guys. Joe is the music buff in our family so here is his take on the evening.

One eskimO played a compelling outdoor live show in between thunderstorms at a Raleigh Charity event. They brought songs from their debut album to life, filling out their live acoustic sound with electronic samples, horns and a wooden box. “Chocolate” and “Givin’ Up” were standouts. After the show we met Adam Falkner and Pete Rinaldi from the band, and exchanged fashion tips and shared stories about people who resemble members of the Foo Fighters. 

We left the event shortly after the headlining band took stage, which turned out to be a great plan since once we reached the car the clouds opened up and the rain began to pour once again. I think fate wanted North Carolina to hear One eskimO. (I was bummed that my camera battery died. The images in this post are from the Band Together Facebook Page.)

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