B Clean: Magna Pods Review

If you’re like me you have a ton of make-up, make-up brushes, and other beauty accessories that are floating around your bathroom. You probably also have a lot of wasted space that you may be unaware of. Sure you have shelves in your medicine cabinet but what bout the back of your cabinet door. You can screw into the glass but you can use magnets, enter Magna Pods.
I use my Magna Pods to organize all of my nail care accessories. Because Magna Pods come with adjustable dividers you can use it to sort various sized products with ease. If you don’t have a medicine cabinet you can still use Magna Pods in the kitchen, in the garage, anywhere you can stick a magnet. Keeps Pens on the side of your fridge. Keep tools organized in your toolbox. Let your imagination run wild.

About Magna Pods
MagnaPods help you restore organization and order to your medicine cabinet. The clear high quality plastic containers magnetically adhere to the inside of your steel-framed medicine cabinet door giving you new space to organize your make-up brushes, eye liners, lip sticks and much more. MagnaPods are movable, sturdy and are perfect to store the little things in life. Open up to a new storage possibility with MagnaPods.
Buy: Magna Pods are available online.

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