B Mine Valentine’s Event

I will be holding my first theme giveaway event, the B Mine Valentine’s Day Gift Guide starts January 18th (which also happens to be my parent’s anniversary). The B Mine Valentine’s Day Gift Guide will primarily focus on great gifts to give to the special man in your life. I think guys typically have it pretty easy when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts. Chocolates, Flowers and Jewelry will make just about any girl happy. But what do you get for the Mr.?

Readers – You can gain 1 additional entry into any of the B Mine giveaways by adding the B Mine button to your site.

<a href=”https://thebkeepsushonest.blogspot.com/search/label/B%20Mine” target=”_blank”><img alt=”The B Keeps Us Honest-Product Review” src=”https://i808.photobucket.com/albums/zz6/jrhammlett/bminebutton.jpg” /></a>

Businesses – If you offer a great Valentine’s Day gift for men and would like your company or product featured in the B Mine Gift Guide please email me, [email protected].

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