Cheap Cookie Cutter Review

Sugar Cookies are a staple in most American homes around the holidays. I have fond memories of baking and decorating sugar cookies with my mom at Christmas. I want my kids to have that same feeling you get when you take a bite out of a warm sugar cookie that you worked so hard to create. However, I never realized how costly cookie cutters can be, especially if you want a high quality product. 

Cheap Cookie Cutters offers stylish yet very affordable cookie cutters. I reviewed 4 of their holiday cookie cutters on Christmas Eve when I made 2 dozen cookies for our family Christmas dinner. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of them because they were gone before I knew what happened. The kids loved all the fun shapes and I loved that the cookie cutters was easy to use and clean. 

In addition to all the traditional Christmas cookie cutters Cheap Cookie Cutters offers a variety of cutters for every occasion. I particularly love the Space Character Cookie Cutters and the Super Hero Cookie Cutters.

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