Golden Moon Tea Review

I love tea. Especially in the cooler months. I’m partial to black teas. Irish breakfast tea is my all time favorite but over the recent years I’ve branched out and tried almost every type of tea out there. I love flavored teas and green teas. I’m not a huge Chai fan but when Golden Moon Tea sent me their Kashmiri Chai to review I thought I’d give it a second chance and to my surprise I actually liked it. I think what I really liked was that the cloves weren’t overbearing. I don’t care for cloves and most chai teas have too much clove for my liking.  

If anything Golden Moon Tea’s website is reason enough to buy their products. Most tea companies simply break up their teas into categories like green, black, oolong, white, etc. But GMT offers a variety of ways to browse their extensive collection from tea origins to mood

About Golden Moon Tea

Golden Moon Tea offers the finest selection of teas and winner of the Best Green Tea award at the World Tea Expo. They offer a variety of teas like classic black, green, oolong and chai. They also carry tea accessories such as teapots, kettles, cups and more. 

Buy: You can buy Golden Moon Tea online.

Gift: Golden Moon Teas make for a great gifts. If you know a tea lover I suggest getting them a Tea of the Month Club membership for Christmas. That way they will get the great gift of a new tea every month. 


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