5 favorite things to do with Jude during the holidays

I love the holiday season. There so much to do and so much fun and love floating around.
Twittermoms is holding a contest to win a $25 gift card and a Dora Christmas Carol DVD if you blog about your 5 favorite things to do with your kid during the holidays. So here’s what we like to do.

Since it’s Judes 2nd Christmas we don’t have any hard and fast traditions developed but here are a few things I think we’ll stick with for awhile.

1. We go to a lot of parties. We love hanging out with our friends and while we aren’t cocktail people we love going to family friendly parties. Christmas is just another excuse to hang out with friends. And Jude is quite the party animal.

2.  Visit our family. No matter what’s going on we always make time to visit both sets of grandparents. The holidays are about family and we like to emphasize that.

3. Watch Holiday movies. We always watch the Claymation Christmas special on DVD.

4. Buy a special ornament for each year. Jude gets a new ornament each year to add to the tree. Something that represents that stage in his life.

5. Bake. While Jude isn’t old enough to bake cookies just yet he most certainly helps me eat them.

What are your favorite things to do with your kids during the holidays?

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