Whole Foods Steals

As of lately I’ve been killing the deals at Whole Foods. Thanks to my obsessive coupon blog followings and from following my local store on Twitter I’ve come home with some great stuff.

Today I went to get my Free Organic Bagged Salad and Salad Dressing with a coupon I picked up in the store for September Madness. While there I check out the other deals and picked up some Apple Crisps for $.99. But somehow my order looked like this

Organic Bagged Salad
Salad Dressing
Apple Crisps

Total: $.11

The cashier was just as confused as I was but didn’t seem to care.

Now every now and then Whole Foods has coupons for FREE items in the store. They are on a first come basis and there isn’t really much notification of when they will put them out. I looked all of the store for some but didn’t find any until I was putting my cart away and noticed something in another cart. Low and behold there was a 3 coupon sheet for FREE items in October. Including Free Milk, Free Rolls, and a Free Pumpkin! SCORE


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