Wisconsin for a Wedding

Over the weekend we went to Wisconsin for DJ and Zoya’s wedding. It was a busy yet fun-filled weekend with lots of food and friends.

We arrived in Milwaukee on Thursday evening after a long day of travel. Jude did exceptionally well on the planes. In fact, people comment on how good he was and that they didn’t even know he was there. After we checked into our hotel and had dinner Joe went out with DJ and the other groomsmen for the bachelor party. Jude and I were pretty pooped after a long day of travel so we stayed in and watched the Olympics.

Friday we all slept in and around 11:3o finally got out to go explore the area. While we were getting coffee our Raleigh friends called to let us know they arrived and wanted to get lunch. So we met up with John, Kate, Jesse, Kristin and Ada at the hotel and headed to Kopps for lunch and frozen custard! After lunch we hit the hotel pool and just relaxed until it was time to leave for the rehearsal. At the rehearsal Jude had a big blow out and I realized we forgot our wipes in the hotel but luckily there were other parents of small children who were gracious enough to donate their wipes. After the rehearsal we headed to Trinity an Irish pub for dinner. DJ gave the groomsmen their shirts, ties and a watch… something about a radio control or something nerdy like that.

Saturday morning the boys had breakfast at the Machine Shed. Afterward, we joined Kate, John, Jesse, Kristin, and Ada for lunch and then got ready for the wedding. The groomsmen were to arrive at the Pabst Mansion at 3:30 pm and since we had only one car with the car seat Jude and I joined them. The wedding was intimate and beautiful with guests surrounding DJ and Zoya on the staircase as they shared their vows. The Reception was held at the Charles Allis Art Museum which had a beautiful courtyard where hor’s dourves were being served and the kids were running around before the bride and groom arrived. We had a lovely dinner and delicious cake even though I wasn’t feeling too hot it was a great evening. After a while, they broke down a few tables and opened up the dance floor which was immediately inundated with small children which helped break the ice. It was getting late and Jude (mostly me) was getting tired and cranky. We were all pretty wiped out when we got back to the hotel.

Sunday we slept in again and then ventured out for coffee. On our way, we passed a new subdivision called, “The Shire” with road names like Rivendell. So all you LOTR fans move to Brookfield, WI! Before we headed to DJ’s parent’s house for the day after the open house we stopped and bought Jude his first ball cap! At DJ’s parents there was tons of food and even a keg of Sprechers Root Beer (Joe’s favorite and Wisconsin’s local brew!). After eating and digesting the kids and adults hit the pool. Jude loves the water and had a great time kicking his feet. As the sun started to set we decided it was time to leave the newlywed and explore Milwaukee a little further. We had dinner with our Raleigh friend at “A Taste of Thai” and then called it a night.

Monday we packed up our stuff and left Milwaukee. It was a great trip and the journey home was pretty peaceful. We had a lovely time visiting with old friends and making new ones in Wisconsin. I don’t think I’ll be moving up to the cold wintery north anytime soon but they do have lovely weather in the summer.


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