A Week of School Lunches – Week 3

Last week was rough, we were all recovering from a long 4 day weekend. It’s nice to have some extra time off but re-entry to real life can be brutal. This week we are back to our regularly scheduled program and things are going smoothly, so far.

I have one very important lunch packing tip to share…

Don’t send your child to school with new foods. Always let them try new things at home. There’s nothing worse than having your child hate the new food you packed for them and then they don’t eat their lunch.

Last week Jude tried Tzatziki and he loved it, so I packed it in his lunch the next day.

school lunches week 3A Week of School Lunches – Week 2

Day 1 – Greek salad with beef (lettuce, tomatoes, beef and feta cheese), mini pitas, tsatziki, fig newton and yogurt (not pictured).

Day 2 – Crackers, Pepperoni and Cheddar Cheese, Strawberries, Carrots & Tomatoes, Pirate’s Booty.

Day 3 – Turkey & Cheddar Wrap with Trader Joe’s Red Pepper Spread with Eggplant and Garlic, Carrots, Tomatoes, Strawberries, Homemade Banana Muffin, Yogurt.

Day 4 – Turkey & Cheddar Wrap with Tomatoes and Trader Joe’s Red Pepper Spread with Eggplant and Garlic, Carrots, Apple, Pirate’s Booty.

Day 5 – PB&J, Pirate’s Booty, Carrots, Homemade Brownie & Yogurt.

I use Ziploc Divided Rectangle Containers to pack Jude’s lunch.


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