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Both Joe and I play instruments, he plays guitar and I play piano. I hope the boys show interest in learning an instrument when they get a bit older. I think music helps children learn discipline, math skills and an self expression through art.

Jude has always enjoyed music. We sing together every night before bed and when he’s upset I can often turn on his favorite music and it immediately soothes him. At 3 years old I think he’s ready to learn more about music which is why The Tuneables is a great tool for him. The 30-minute animated DVD/CD series introduces children to the magical world of Tuneville, where the delightful Tuneables characters encourage them to hear and sing tonal patterns in songs, develop their rhythmic skills, expand the range of their singing voices, and become immersed in the sounds of melodies of classical music.
Jude immediately fell in love with the Tuneables and often asks to watch his “music show”. Together we will sing along to the song that teach him melody and rhythm. He particularly loves to march around the room with a stick and pretend to lead the marching band. He also like to sing the song about rain which teaches him to expand his vocal range and the scales.

I’m hoping the series continues to grow and offer more DVDs that expand upon the basic music theory and application. It is a fun and easy way to introduce children to music at home. The Tuneables is sponsored by the Music Intelligence Project (MIP) which promotes the best approaches to music education for children. 
The Tuneables including a DVD and Music Box CD 2-disc set is available online for $29.99. Downloadable versions, including HD, are also available. A Music Box CD is sold separately for $14.99 and is available for download.

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