B Mom Event

As most of you already know we are expecting Baby #2 in the spring of 2011. We are super excited to be adding to our family. I’m also really excited to do a mom and baby review/giveaway event here on the B. Very soon I will be starting the “B Mom” event which will highlight products for mom. This includes maternity products and baby shower gifts. (pretty much anything you might buy when you are pregnant.)

With our 1st we didn’t buy much, just the bare essentials. So I’m excited to try out all the fancy products marketed to moms to see if they actually improve my mothering. 
Contrary to popular thought I think babies actually require very little gear. 
Here is my list of essential:
Diapers (I prefer cloth – they double a burb cloths too)
Car Seat
Bulb Aspirator (buy as part of a little baby 1st aid kit)
Crib w/sheets (if you’re not into co-sleeping)
Seriously, you can totally get by with just these few things, all the other stuff is for convenience. Not that I’m against convenience, I’m all for things that save me a few minutes. And we did buy a few more things than what I listed above. I mean tiny baby things are cute and irresistible.

Do you think I missed something on my list of essentials? 
What product was the MUST-HAVE with your newborn?
What product did you find to be the biggest waist of time or money?


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