RDU Tennis – Clinics, Camps and more!

I have never played tennis. Well, I’ve played tennis but never have never known what I was doing. Growing up I loved playing any outdoor sport but I guess tennis never made it into my schedule. Now as an adult I would love to learn how to play tennis. RDU Tennis offers great tennis programs for all ages. I think I may need to try out their adult clinic and finally learn how to play tennis.

I particularly love that RDU Tennis offers tennis camps for children. When Jude gets a bit older I will definitely be signing him up for tennis camp. They offer a fun environment for kids to learn how to play tennis and play well with each other. Many of their locations offer tennis and swim camp which gives kids the opportunity to beat the heat after a fun game of tennis in the pool.
Watch this brief video to learn more about the adult and child tennis opportunities with RDU Tennis.