2nd Birthday Bash: Nifty Nappy Review

Summer is here and that means lots of swimming. We use cloth diapers so when we go to the pool I don’t want to use a disposable swim diaper. The primary goal of the swim diaper is to keep the solid waste out of the pool.
Nifty Nappy Snappy SwimzEaze diapers are not only great at doing their swim diaper duties (hehe) but they are super cute. No need for a suit to cover up these adorable designs. The Snappy SwimzEaze diaper is easy to put on the excited-to-go-swimming toddler and easy to remove when soaking wet.
We received the Safari Knit diaper and it is adorable. I really do love having a swim diaper rather than using a disposable. Nifty Nappy has a great selection of fabrics and size so you can pick the perfect diaper for you little one.
About Nifty Nappy
Vilate Thacker has spent countless hours online researching cloth diapers, along with years of testing different patterns and fabrics out on her own 6 kids. She finally found the right fabrics and with all the knowledge she had acquired, she started on a diaper and Nifty Nappy was born. Nifty Nappy offers wool covers,PeachyKeen pocket diapers and Snappy SwimzEaze swim diapers.  
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