Family Party: 30 Great Games Winter Fun Wii Game Review



I’m sure you are aware that the Winter Olympics are going on right now, if not you might want to buy a TV. I love the Olympics. I have always wondered what it would be like to compete for a gold medal. Well, D3Publishers has made it possible for you to be a part of the winter games this year. Family Party: 30 Great Games Winter Fun is great game where the whole family can join the competition. 
Of course there are the all-time favorites like snowboarding, skiing, figure skating, ice hockey, ice climbing, curling, bobsled and biathlon but then there are the classics games like tubing, snowball rolling, snowball fighting, ice races.
My favorite game so far is the ice climbing, or maybe the snowball fight. Either way there is most certainly something for everyone in your family. Some of the games require more hand eye-coordination than I possess but some are simple, just the way I like it. Joe and I had a great time playing Family Party before the Olympics, it helped us get into the Winter Games mood.
About Family Party: 30 Great Games Winter Fun
Family Party: 30 Great Games Winter Fun has 30 brand new games with a winter theme, offering hours of extreme winter sports competition and snow play for up to 4 players.  Indulge in winter wonderland surroundings from the comfort of home.
The featured product was provided to me free of charge by D3Publishers. The opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced by the company.

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