Gilmpse – Jude’s Room

So I finally got around to adding the next room on the Glimpse Tour.
This is Jude’s room/guest room/catch-all-storage-space. I’ve tried to make this room as child friendly and fun as possible while still keeping it functional for all of it’s other required tasks. I feel like it’s still a work in progress and may never actually be complete until we move and Jude has his own room. He really only sleeps in this room. There are some toys he occasionally plays with but overall it’s a space for him to sleep.


Favorite Element: I love the framed baby shower card by Stephanie Witcher. Also, love the cape I attached to the bed made by SewBlissSew. There are so many things like the Ugly Dolls, chord organ, framed comic book pages, and signed photo matte made by my friend Jessica. It’s too hard to choose.

Biggest Challenge: Making the room “Jude’s” yet still usable for when we have visitors

What Friends Say: Not too many people see Jude’s room but they really like the bedding and wall decals.

What’s Missing:You may notice that we don’t have a changing table. We don’t actually own one. For some reason all of his cloth diapers are in our room and he always gets changed on our bed or the floor. It just works for us. (Only got poop on the bed once!)

Next on the List: Not sure. There are so many things I want to do with this space. I guess our next big project will involve making space in the closet for Jude’s things.

Best advice: Make the room functionable more than fashionable. I poured over baby room decor blogs and magazine but we didn’t have the time or resources to make the room chic. But honestly he doesn’t spend that much awake time in the room so our main goal was functionality.


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