It’s the First Day of Fall and I’m in Love.

It’s officially the first day of Fall! In Raleigh it’s a cool and rainy day which seem appropriate for such an occasion.

Growing up I always associated fall with going back to school so I was never a real fan of the season. Also, popular fall colors are brown, orange and yellow and as a child my favorite color was purple hence I thought fall colors were drab and ugly. Plus, I’ve always been a summer girl. You don’t meet too many people that love HOT weather but I most certainly do. I love the beach, the pool and all things summer.

Today I feel much differently about fall. I’m now a big fan of brown and orange. (I’m still on the fence about yellow. It makes me look jaundiced when I wear it.) I think I started to really fall in love with fall in 2005. You see my husband and I started dating in the fall of that year and there’s just something about the smell of autumn that reminds me of our first few dates. Especially autumn evenings with the crisp air and smell of fallen leaves. It’s all the little things I remember like walking to the Chinese restaurant on our first date. The first time holding cold hands. Sitting in the car talking and listening to Joseph Aurthur, not wanting to go back out into the cold night air. The shivers of excitement that come from discovering how deeply you can love someone.

I’m still a summer girl but fall will always have a special place in my heart.


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