Fall is upon us. The windows are open. I’ve already made chocolate chip pumpkin cake. And socks are on my feet. I love the summer as you may have read about here and we spent alot of time outdoors this summer but you still get all hot and sticky. So fall brings a welcome change to being outside.

On Monday after a quick trip to the grocery store to buy a few ingredients needed for the aforementioned cake we spent a little time in the front “yard”. (I used the term “yard” very loosely because it mainly consists of a wooden platform, sidewalk, rocks and mulch.) Jude took this opportunity to remind me that he is a BOY! While I sat in a comfy chair talking on the phone he moved a large portion of our rock bed to the sidewalk, then back again to the rock bed. This went on for about 15-20 minutes until he decided to eat a few rocks which he quickly learned was a bad idea. He was covered in dirt by the end of our time outside. What can I say?  He’s a boy!


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