Fully Immersed in Summer not Emersed

After a great weekend with family and friends celebrating Jude’s first birthday we’re ready to fully embrace all this summer has to offer. (With the exception of things that cost alot of money!)

Over the next couple weeks I hope to all of these activities with my family and friends.

  • Swimming at the Pool
  • Picnicking
  • A Trip to the Beach
  • Making Ice Cream
  • Eating Ice Cream
  • Visiting the Farmers Market
  • Grilling Burgers
  • Watching Jude take his first steps
  • Eating Strawberries
  • Eating Watermelon
  • Taking long walks
  • Playing at the Park
  • Sewing
  • Drinking Lemonade
  • Girls Movie Night
  • Reading
  • Watching 30 Rock, Quantum Leap and Burn Notice
  • Going on a Date with my Husband
  • Enjoying Life!

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