2 Reason Why I’m Sad To Be Moving

The piles of boxes are growing.
In about 2 weeks we will be moving into our new place – Hooray!

I’ve been anticipating this day for months but now that it’s hear I’m getting a little sentimental and nervous. I didn’t think I’d feel anything except excitement toward this move. I mean we pretty much outgrew this townhouse the moment we moved in. Now, three and a half years later we are finally upgrading in space and while I’m excited about all the new possibilities I’m sad about the memories we will be leaving behind.

There are two main reasons I get a little sentimental about our move.
Jude playing at our local park in the fall

1. I love our neighborhood.
We can’t afford to buy in this neighborhood but renting here has been great, especially with our little family. We are close to everything and everyone we love. We can walk a lot of places, especially the park. The community is filled with great people and rich history. It’s all around a great place to live, which completely explains why we can’t afford to buy here.
Jude was born on our bed.
2. Jude was born here. 
In fact he was born right up stairs in our master bedroom. I spent many long hours in labor and welcomed out little man into this world right here in this house. I think it’s fun that when Jude is older we can visit the house where he was born. (If it’s still around)

I know we will create many new and fun memories in our new house. (Like the birth of baby 2) But for the next few months I plan on enjoying our tiny townhouse even though the past few months have been filled with complaints of our lack of space.